About Us

Guerrilla, Guerilla, Gorilla, let's just go with Rilla


A new way to start a business

RillaUp is an idea that was born out of necessity. Too many great ideas and potential successful entrepreneurs have not fulfilled their dreams due to lack of resources.

Money, connections, partners are all necessities to succeed with a new business today.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~African proverb

Full-time employees, filled with plans for businesses, inventions, products, and marketing strategies, do not have the time to develop their ideas alone.

Along with the time limitation, the financial burdens on a solo entrepreneur to find and afford qualified talent to help them develop their concepts have undoubtedly stifled many ideas that may have changed the world.

Enter the new concept of Guerrilla Startups. Guerrilla Startups go beyond bootstrapping startups by starting with next to no capital and building purely off the drive, motivation, and sweat from partners who believe in a product or service.

RillaUp’s goal is to provide an avenue for individuals with unique ideas to find like-minded qualified talent who believe in their vision and want to share in their endeavors’ growth and wealth.

Originally titled GuerrillaStartups.com, RillaUp plans to re-imagine how new business ideas are launched by those who do not have all the luxuries of time and money on their side.

RillaUp.com was imagined and built by Casey Whitcher, a long time entrepreneur, designer, and internet marketer who had more ideas than time or money. He realized that he and countless others with concepts they did not have the means to see through needed help, but there was nowhere to get the kind of support he needed. There was not even a term for the type of service he needed. Guerrilla Startups are that path.