Georgia Rilla

Georgia Rilla

Ready for success
Kansas City, KS
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I may not be a real Gorilla or a real person for that matter. If I were though, I would use this section to tell you a little about who I am, what my interests are.  I’d give you a 30,000-foot view, or maybe a treetop kind of an overview of who you will be working with.

I’d give a brief overview of what I’ve done, and what I’m working on now.

I would definitely tell you why I would make a great partner for you if you are looking for someone with my skillset.

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This is where I would go into detail about what I am great at.

Since this profile is of a business leader, and I don’t have a art pieces to show, I would look for some images that say what I do, it shows that you’ve gone through the extra effort.

You could also showcase some redacted sales charts, or awards!

I might give you a breakdown of my experience working with different companies, and on different projects.

If I’ve got some really cool stuff I want you to know about, I would put it here.  I could even put an overview of my work history in here, but then again, you can always download my resume from the link above.

If you think I would be a good fit, you can hit that contact button, and then just search for my name and send me an email.

You can send me here too if you want to see how it works!