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Project Details is a blog site that will promote whole personal growth through mind, body, and relationships—focused on writing articles that appeal to active couples and practitioners of AcroYoga, couples yoga, and athletes in general. The site will primarily drive revenue from affiliate marketing and advertisements.

Future expansions could include a branded product line and podcast.

Problem and Solution

The fitness industry is always a booming genre. There is a ton of competition. To be successful, you have to have a specific niche, both as a brand and in focus. Also, and perhaps most importantly, you have to engage in this niche.

There is currently an explosion of AcroYoga enthusiasm, including many mentions and videos by influencing celebrities, including; Gisele, Ashley Judd, Lena Dunham, Brittany Spears, and even famed entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss.

There is also a specific and growing group of self-proclaimed fitness couples or even fitness “power” couples. Also, there is an increasing push towards meditation and fitness that flows harmoniously with this niche.

This evolution has created an opportunity for an information source specific to this quickly expanding group of individuals. This site will cater to those who are directly connected or curious about becoming more involved. BenefitsOfStretching intends to fill this gap.


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