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Roblox to the uninformed may seem like just another child’s game that kids play. But in reality, it is a tech industry Boehemeth.

Founded in 2006 and now in its 14th year, Roblox’s growth shows no signs of slowing. As of 2020, the companies valuation has climbed to $4 Billion. A recent injection of $150 Million has thrust it’s valuation to that point.

Roblox has a user base of 56 Million. As the users are growing up, so is their sophistication and desire for more information, reviews, stories, and opinions on the brand they use every day.

According to VentureBeat Roblox expects to pay $250 million to its mostly young-adult developers this year. The Video medium of communication has been extremely successful to Roblox and it’s content creators and has produced several real-world millionaires from their youtube channels advertisements.

Roblox Financials
Problem and Solution

The Roblox user community currently gets its information from a saturated market of highly talented YouTubers.

The Roblox community lacks a 3rd party source of independently written views and articles outside of the actual parent blog. Leah Loxy will be a leading information source and an independent perspective on users’ and developers’ essential topics.

The site will feature interviews with famous players and established developers, the latest codes and offers, reviews of new games and offerings. It will also discuss Roblox Studio technology and advancements, tips, and tricks for development. It has a newsletter already with a small following, that will grow into a weekly newsletter. The site will offer giveaways to boost readership. Additionally, the site has the option for users to sign up to be featured on the site as a featured gamer to drive the virality of the site as people show off their avatar and profile to others.

Monetization will happen through paid advertising, building proprietary Leah Loxy Branded Roblox applications and games, branded products in the Roblox Virtual store, and real-world products in an e-Commerce Store.

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